Centrify DirectManage SDK

The Centrify DirectManage Access SDK enables both in-house and commercial identity management and provisioning solutions to programmatically manage, administer, and provision the identity and rights control information that Centrify DirectManage stores within Active Directory.

Because Centrify software enables Active Directory to become the central identity repository, rights-management provider, and directory for UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS systems in addition to Windows systems, it is important to allow Windows and UNIX IT staff to easily manage and provision the UNIX identity and access information together with the Windows information stored in Active Directory. To meet this need, Centrify offers the Centrify DirectManage Access Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable developers to manage both Windows and UNIX user data, including user, group, and NIS map data. The DirectControl SDK includes both a Windows API and, for UNIX and Linux platforms, an Active Directory-aware OpenLDAP interface. The end result is that both in-house and commercial identity management and provisioning solutions, such as Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS), can, in an easy and robust manner, programmatically manage, administer, and provision all the identity, access, and rights-management information stored within Active Directory, including UNIX information.

For Windows

The DirectManage Access SDK's robust Windows API provides a set of high-level functions that you can use within VBScript, JScript, PowerShell, and .NET languages to add, modify, or delete DirectControl objects such as zones and UNIX user profiles, as well as Active Directory Groups that can be used within UNIX and NIS maps. The SDK includes classes and methods to fully support Centrify enhancements to Active Directory, including hierarchical zones, DirectManage roles, computer roles, and role-based rights management. Programming examples are provided to jumpstart your development efforts. The SDK also provides Windows integration modules for popular provisioning products, including the DirectManage Extension for the MIIS Management Agent.

For Linux, UNIX and Mac

The DirectControl SDK offers a set of OpenLDAP commands, including ldapadd, ldapmodify, and ldapdelete, which have been enhanced to operate more seamlessly in an Active Directory environment. For example, the DirectControl SDK provides enhanced OpenLDAP commands that:

With an understanding of DirectControl's Zone-based and RFC-2307-based data storage model, you can use these standard LDAP commands to create programs and scripts that provision and administer DirectControl objects within Active Directory.

How to Get the Centrify DirectManage SDK

Centrify DirectManage SDK is licensed on a per-developer basis to existing Centrify customers. Ask your Centrify representative for access to the SDK. Fill out the following form to have your sales representative get in touch with you.

For OEM Opportunities with Centrify

Centrify has enabled manufacturers of storage systems, network devices and other IT infrastructure components to "Active Directory enable" their solutions to strengthen security and enhance manageability for their customers. If you would like to commercially distribute your applications or systems that are enhanced by DirectManage SDKs, please fill out this form to become an Alliance Partner.