Centrify DirectAudit SDK

Centrify DirectAudit collects audit data from Windows and UNIX computers and stores it in SQL databases, from which an auditor or IT administrator can retrieve it for review. An audit store can have multiple SQL databases attached, but only one can be active at a time. Because large databases are harder to manage and take longer to search than smaller ones, you may wish to change an audit store’s active database before it gets too large. Changing which database is active without interrupting the monitoring of audited systems is known as rolling or rotating the database.

Audit store databases have the following characteristics:

Although you can do database rotation manually using the DirectAudit administration console, you might want to automate the process to perform it automatically on a regular schedule. You might also want to automate and schedule the detachment of old databases from the audit store.

The API described in the reference enables you to write scripts to perform database rotation and attach or detach databases. The DirectAudit software development kit (SDK) includes four sample scripts that you can modify to suit your purposes: two VBScript samples and two Power Shell samples. One pair of sample scripts (db_rotation) use default SQL database settings. The second pair (db_rotation_sql_script) let you customize the SQL database scripts to set up the database and the server.

How to Get the Centrify DirectAudit SDK

Centrify DirectAudit SDK is available for download to existing Centrify customers with Centrify Support entitlement.

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SDK Support

Support for the Centrify DirectAudit SDK is provided by Centrify Support. Learn about Centrify Support Plans.