Authentication and User Management

Let the power of the Centrify Platform handle all of your security needs for your application. Integrate secure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), SAML SSO, and security reporting and learn how the Centrify User Directory can be used to manage all of your users.



SAML is an XML-based standard for web browser single sign-on (SSO) that eliminates application-specific passwords. SAML uses single-use, expiring, digital "tokens" to exchange authentication and authorization data between an identity provider and cloud application service provider that have an established trust relationship.

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Basic Authentication

Automating business processes between applications or systems can require hard-coded service accounts – but these account credentials can introduce risk if they are passed or stored in clear text. Additionally, developers’ test accounts are often used in proof-of-concept and development, but those accounts end up permanently embedded in your code.

Eliminate passwords stored in clear text. Provide the correct level of access for your service accounts. Use Centrify.

Authenticating Users

Adaptive Authentication

Centrify lets you extend adaptive authentication to your applications and resources. Provide policy-based authentication using push notification, SMS/text message, email, interactive phone call, third party OATH-compliant software and hardware tokens, USB devices, digital certificates, Smart Cards, derived credentials and biometrics.

Managing access to application

Social Login

Customer-facing apps and services often lack integration and implementing them can require multiple logins that lead to user frustration. With Centrify you can give customers a single login across all your services, using social login from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

Authenticating with social media

Cookie Handling

After you’ve authenticated a user, there’s likely still more they need to do. Rather than require reauthentication at every call, just leverage Centrify’s .ASPXAUTH cookie as a bearer token when making subsequent API calls for a given authenticated session.

Generating Authentication Cookies

User Management (Cloud Directory)

It’s called CRUD for a reason – especially when it comes to creating deleting or updating user records. With Centrify, there’s no need to maintain a database of users, or hassle with building your own user management.

Working with users