Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. For Centrify cloud products – Centrify Identity Service and Centrify Privilege Service share the same cloud infrastructure. REST APIs for them are available and documented on the developer website.
For Centrify Identity Service or Centrify Privilege Service, the interfaces are REST based web APIs. You can choose your favorite editor and programming language.

Please note that in order to submit an app request, you must have a account and access to a tenant in the Centrify Cloud Service. See the FAQ items, "How do I get a account" and "How do I get a cloud-service tenant" for information on these topics.

Note that the App Submission tab only appears if you are logged in with your account.

To submit an app request:

  1. Go to the developer portal and click App Submission > Submit New App Request to open the form.
  2. Enter your company information and upload any supporting application details or metadata.
    Note: Be sure to fill out all of the sections in the contact area and include two sets of credentials for our engineers to test your application. One set of credentials should be provided for our Development team and another, different set should be provided for Quality Assurance.
    If you do not want to submit these credentials in the form, you can send them, along with your submission ID, to .
  3. Upload any application assets such as logos, icons, and videos.
  4. Click SUBMIT.
  5. Upon a successful submission, you will receive a Submission ID and can view the status of your submission. You can use this submission ID to track the status of your submission going forward.

To check the status of your submission, go to App Submission > My App Requests.

Click Login > SIGN-UP or go here. Complete the form and click SIGN UP NOW.

Navigate to and click TRY IT NOW. Under "Identity Service for Apps", click START TRIAL, or go straight here. Complete the form and click REQUEST FREE TRIAL.

For SDKs on GitHub, go to the specific GitHub repository->Issues tab->New Issue
For DirectAudit and DirectManage SDK bugs, please contact Centrify Support at

Developers using Centrify SDKs that have specific questions related to SDKs are supported through community based channels (forums and email).

By posting a question to the forum you may be able to receive a response from Centrify Engineers or community members. If you’d like to get professional developer support, please consider partnering with Centrify.

Centrify SDK forum board is available at You’ll need to log in with your existing website account or create an account.

Centrify Forums are open for browsing, however, you are required to log in to start a new discussion or comment on the existing discussions.
As a logged in website user, you should be able to start a new discussion, by clicking on “Centrify Mobile Authentication Services SDK / Centrify SaaS SDK” -> New message.
As a logged in website user, you should be able to subscribe by simply navigating into the appropriate board and selecting “subscribe” from “Options” dropdown menu.